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Everything You Need to Know About Cinematographic Art

Cinematography is a topic that many of us give little thought to on a day-to-day basis. However, take the skilled cinematographer away, and we would all notice the difference right away.

The History of Cinematography

The development of cinema technology has been vital in the evolution of cinematic art. Early films were shot on sound stages, often from fixed angles. This limited the amount of freedom that directors and other crew had, to be interesting and original. The invention of jibs, portable cameras, and other innovations made it far more straightforward for directors to take the audience on a journey in their movies and set up the quality of film that audiences are used to watching every time that they go to the theater.

Modern Cinematography

These innovations have created the type of movie that we watch today. CGI has made it possible for directors to set up scenes and shots that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago. This has led to something of a backlash among cinema traditionalists. Some of them have gone back to traditional techniques in order to keep conventional arts alive. This can be seen in some recent Oscar-winning films such as The Artist and La La Land.

The potential for cinematography to continue evolving is excellent, and there is every chance that the innovations that emerge over the next decade will be even more significant than the ones that have come before.